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Posted at 11:26 pm on June 30, 2019 by Fawns




I don’t know where you’re from, but right now the days are getting hotter and the only time to go out is at night when it’s cool. That’s why we’re bringing you Noctem and Diem Fawns LEs!


Noctem and Diem both share black base coats with striped accents. Noctem has a blue to purple fade going on, and Diem has yellow and pink.


You are guaranteed to receive either Amethyst or Coral eyes, with a slight chance at the hybrid “Nightfire” eye variant. Word on the street is you can breed for Nightfire eyes by putting together Amethyst/Coral…….


It’ll set you back 5,000 FWN Points or L$995.


This fawn is available at in the vendors area as per usual. We will take the vendors down after about two weeks.


Some people lag a lot, so I put them down here as well:



-Fawns Team

Posted at 12:40 pm on June 12, 2019 by Fawns




Hey folks! Daemon here, and today is the day that I’m launching PayHUD!


Why PayHUD? Well, it’s a lean business that doesn’t take away from operating Fennux/Fawns, and the profits from it directly help ensure Fennux/Fawns stick around for many more years with much more content!


Beyond our needs as a breedable community, it also serves an important purpose. Right now there are not many good ways to advertise in Second Life. Trust me, I’ve tried them all! PayHUD enables content creators to get the word out about their new products, and in return it helps users discover brands that they might not have known about otherwise.


Users of the HUD also receive lindens every time they actively view an advertisement, BUT if the users are Fennux/Fawns breeders they will receive FNX & FWN Points, Reserve Kibbles & Ether Reserves, plus Limited Edition Fennux and Fawns after certain milestones are hit as a PayHUD user!


Take a look at the Fennux/Fawn above, those LEs can be earned after you view 100 ads on the PayHUD network. All you have to do is keep your PayHUD on whenever you’re playing Second Life, then interact with the dialog prompt that comes up. But don’t AFK, if you’re not there when the ad shows up – you won’t get credit for viewing the ad.


Whenever you withdraw your L$ to SL, we will also send the corresponding amount of FNX and FWN Points, Reserve Kibbles/Ether to your breedable accounts as well. It happens during the withdraw of L$, so make sure to withdraw your funds every so often.


This ad network is all opt-in, if at any point you don’t want to receive ads you can just right-click and detach the PayHUD and you’ll stop seeing Ads. When you decide to put it back on again by right-clicking and “Adding” it, you will be back on the grid as you wait around for content creators to showcase their latest products.


It may take some time to get this up and running, so I humbly request people to leave their PayHUD on as much as possible – it’ll help build up the network and ensure a smooth launch. The better PayHUD does, the more resources we’ll have for Fennux/Fawns to revitalize!


Thanks for reading, I hope everyone gets their Huddy LEs in a timely manner. Limit 1x Fawn and 1x Fennux per avatar. To redeem your Huddy LE you can go to the Vendors Area of the Fennux and Fawns sims, but make sure you’ve viewed 100 Ads first!


Posted at 10:57 pm on May 31, 2019 by Fawns




It’s warming up at an alarming pace in some parts of the world because Summer is nearly here! That’s why we’re bringing you Nebula and Starburst for June!


Nebula’s purple face fades into cyan, while Starburst’s pink one fades into a bright yellow. You’ll notice the sparkly stars coating their top coats which mimic the beautiful summer night skies.


You are guaranteed to receive either Galaxy or Citrus eyes, with a slight chance at the hybrid “Prismatic” eye variant. Word on the street is you can breed for Prismatic eyes by putting together Galaxy/Citrus…….


It’ll set you back 5,000 FWN Points or L$995.


This fawn is available at in the vendors area as per usual. We will take the vendors down after about two weeks.



-Fawns Team

Posted at 12:07 pm on May 9, 2019 by Fawns




Word on the street is that there are new antlers showing up from breeding!


I’m here to give some tips regarding how you might be able to get these antlers to show up on your own fawns…


1.) The mom and dad you pair together both require Antelope antlers.

2.) There should be at least SOME type of antlers on the PARENTS of the mom AND dad as well!

3.) The mom and dad cannot be starters, they need to be a few generations away from starters!

4.) At LEAST have antlers and ears OR antlers and tails on the mom/dad you pair together!


…and that’s about all i can tell you for now, there are other things that can help increase your odds (cough ether cough) but other than that you’re on your own! Good luck folks. :)


Also, Daemon is actively working on making sure The Fawns have continuous content from here on out. Spread the word that this breedable is getting back on track! Keep your eyes on our news page to see when more sightings pop up…


-Fawns Team

Posted at 11:20 pm on April 30, 2019 by Fawns




Keeping with the Spring theme, the Cyber and Saber LEs are here to dazzle you with their beautiful coats!


Each fawn has a few stripes along their backs with accent marks on their legs, ears and face.


You are guaranteed to receive either Ultraviolet or Cinnamon eyes, with a slight chance at the hybrid “Dystopian” eye variant. Word on the street is you can breed for Dystopian eyes by putting together Ultraviolet/Cinnamon…….


It’ll set you back 5,000 FWN Points or L$995.


This fawn is available at in the vendors area as per usual. We will take the vendors down after about two weeks.



-Fawns Team

Posted at 7:59 pm on April 30, 2019 by Fawns





This post is here for transparency due to the fact we are handling funds meant for donation.


We just cashed out the L$ received from selling the 100% Donation Items (Running Pets and Holdables) that are on the SL Marketplace. We then sent the PayPal donation to Charity Water. In total, the Fawns Community has helped raise just over $3,000 ($436 this time, $2,562 last time, and $190 trickled in as well)! 100% of that money goes directly to helping give people access to clean water, minus the minor fees SL’s Lindex takes – but we always sell at the best rate possible to enhance the donation amount!


We just wanted to say thank you again for donating by purchasing our pets and holdables. We may have more opportunities in the future! Some rough math shows that we’re helping provide over 100 people with access to clean water. :)


Thank you.

-Fawns Team

Posted at 10:43 am on April 25, 2019 by Fawns




The “Charky” breedable coat has been unlocked by at least one person now. We waited a few days before posting this so that they could share it among friends first, but we feel it’s important to announce newly unlocked content to breeders on our website.


So congratulations to whoever obtained “Charky” first! Feel free to show off your work in the Fawns Group Chat by posting its<ID> link! But again, that’s up to them to decide what they want to do. We’re just making the rest of the breeders aware that this content is out there, it’s real, and waiting to be bred!


There’s more content coming, including more coats, traits, including breedable antlers! We’re making sure that Fawns has a continuous stream of new content from here on out. As said in our last post, Daemon has learned how to do everything necessary in the code to keep things flowing! :)


Thanks folks!

-Fawns Team

Posted at 10:23 am on April 19, 2019 by Fawns




LEs are great and all, but what about the content showing up from breeding?!


Let’s address the elephant in the room. We haven’t seen new coats or major traits show up from breeding in a long while. Seriously, it’s been a long time! This is why Daemon set out to do something about the problem. He dove into the code…


What did he find? A lot of “if ($something[‘here’] >= ‘some_value’) { do_something_here();}”, oh and also some tips and tricks on how to actually GET the new content out…


For one, you’re not going to get this content from starter fawns. You’ll need to breed ones together that have a few generations away from starters – the resulting offspring need full trees.


Secondly you’ll want to breed fawns with a lot of traits, specifically ears, tails and antlers – at LEAST double traits!


And lastly, ether is not a requirement but it does help with getting this new content out. We just lowered the price of “Ether Reserves” to be L$7 instead of L$9 which is cheaper than our standard “1for4Weeks Ether Crystals”. (While meandering through the code, Daemon noticed that Ether Reserves are far more reliable than Ether Crystals, there’s generally just way less hassle involved!)


There are some other things people can do that help increase the odds of popping new content, but we don’t want to give EVERYTHING away. :D


So that’s about it for now, get to breeding! And tell your friends that Fawns is getting its act together. Daemon was out with a back injury for a good while there but is making sure to be around daily. He’s becoming one with the code so that we can continue our journey together with the Fawns.


Thanks folks!

-Fawns Team

Posted at 11:16 pm on March 31, 2019 by Fawns




Spring is here and so are Eggy and Springy! These LEs feature vibrant Easter-themed colors that are sure to get you into the spirit of Easter.


Both fawns feature zig zag stripes, spots and colors that truly pop! You’re sure to love these two.


You are guaranteed to receive either Yellowspeck or Bluespeck eyes, with a slight chance at the hybrid “Easterspeck” eye variant. Word on the street is you can breed for Easterspeck eyes by putting together Bluespeck/Yellowspeck…….


It’ll set you back 5,000 FWN Points or L$995.


This fawn is available at in the vendors area as per usual. We will take the vendors down after about two weeks.



-Fawns Team

Posted at 11:03 pm on March 31, 2019 by Fawns




Hey folks! Ready for the latest and greatest breedable to hit the grid of SL?

Well look no further, because the Fennux and Fawns are ready to combine into the Fawnux. No, not like the joke last time – this is a cross-breedable pet that combines all of the beloved aspects of Fawns and pairs them with the heartwarming features of Fennux. This is totally real and please don’t look at the date.

We won’t be accepting pre-orders because this is not actually a real thing, but if it were it would be a guaranteed flop. Seriously, look at that guy above… no, just no. It’s not happening. Leave it alone. If we’re going to do another breedable it’s not going to be piecing together existing content and trying to make it into something new.

Make sure to check out the actual LE we released though, you’ll probably like that.

-Fawns Team

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