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Posted at 8:05 pm on June 9, 2017 by Fawns




Hey folks!


We just put out 3 different donation items on SL Marketplace. All of the proceeds from these items (Holdable, Side Holdable and Running Pet) go directly to Charity Water! (100% Profit Share with FawnsCharity Resident, our designated donation account.)


The “Thunderstorm” Coat is based off of “Insignis” and has “Teardrop” Eyes (which is sort of a Charity Water staple).


You can learn more by clicking the big image above or clicking here.


Thanks for reading!

-Fawns Team

Posted at 5:09 pm on May 17, 2017 by Fawns




Hey everyone!


Two different LE’s (Contra & Luna) are available this time around, with two different eye possibilities and two different antler chances. I should say 3 antler chances but the “VenomLights” are Extremely Rare by comparison, so please don’t expect to see these show up – but if they do? Congratulations!!






Each Log has a random chance (50/50) of being the Contra (Darker One) or Luna (Lighter One) Coat.


Every LE will come with either the “Nebular” or “Stellar” eyes trait – which will have a chance at passing on to offspring. The LE Coat can NOT pass. Additionally, if you obtain either the “PurpleLights” or “WhiteLights” antlers traits – they too have a chance at passing on to offspring.


The “PurpleLights” and “WhiteLights” Antlers are not guaranteed to show up on the LE Logs. Don’t expect to easily get antlers, as they are fairly uncommon.


The “VenomLights” Antlers are Extremely Rare, so please do not expect to obtain these either. If you thought the regular LE Antlers were hard to get, these are way harder to obtain!


There’s a rumor going around that since VenomLights are Purple and Green that maybe PurpleLights bred with GreenLights has an extremely rare chance at producing VenomLights as well… hmm, I wonder if there is any truth to this rumor?… ;)


You can purchase the Random LE Log via FWN Points -OR- Lindens!

5,000 FWN Points per LE

L$995 per LE


This Random LE Log will be available for purchase with FWN Points / L$ until May 31st of 2017.


NOTE: FWN Point Transferring is working at the following page:



-Fawns Team

Posted at 12:57 am on April 30, 2017 by Fawns

Hey everyone!


Thank you all so very much for participating in this Charity Water campaign. Our community earned L$653,165 which will be converted into USD on SL’s Lindex website, which equates to around $2,491.33 (not including the withdrawal fee which is probably around $15.)


Here is a screenshot of the FawnsCharity Resident account that we used during the duration of the event…




…this shows the total amount earned, including Credits/Debits, helping to verify that every L$ entering into this account went to Lindex, which then goes to Charity Water directly.


And here is a screenshot of the PayPal Request we made on Lindex…




…so it looks like $2,476.28 is what we will be receiving in our PayPal account. ($15 fee to withdraw to PayPal as expected above.)


We donated the funds to this page: – you can visit that page to verify.




Thanks again folks, you are wonderful. The money our community raised will change the lives of over 80 different people. People no different than you or I, they were simply born into this world with very different conditions of living.


Alright I’ll stop ranting for now. Enjoy!

-Fawns Team

Posted at 9:44 pm on April 13, 2017 by Fawns




We are doing things a bit differently this time around. This Limited Edition Fawn is part of a special event we are holding over the next 2 weeks.


You may still purchase it with your FWN Points, but if you decide to use L$ for the LE; 50% of every purchase goes directly to Charity Water. On top of that we have a few extra items (Holdables, Running Pets and Head Pets) that donate 100% to Charity Water.


We also have a separate Donation Kiosk which you can donate 100% of your L$ to Charity Water as well.


We have the Charity Water Vendors in the Community Section of the Fawns Sim, but if you click the link below you’ll see we have 7 other random sim locations to visit.


Full details over here at:


Thank you,

Fawns Team

Posted at 11:14 pm on March 31, 2017 by Fawns




Are you tired of breeding realistic critters in Second Life? Do you find yourself laying awake at night contemplating what two different creatures combined would look like? Well look no further because Fawns and Fennux are teaming up to bring you FAWNNUX Hybrid Breedables!


By using the advanced technology of Editing our original creations in SL, we managed to piece together an advanced hybrid creature known only as the FAWNNUX. You’ll notice we took the body and head of the Fennux and carefully combined it with the ears, antlers, neck, legs and tail of the Fawns.


This idea was masterminded by Darmin Blurkflerg, so you have him alone to thank. I mean, look at this FAWNNUX pictured above… it’s body just flows so perfectly, why didn’t Darmin think of this sooner!?


AND OF COURSE, we’re accepting pre-orders 6 years in advance. You will receive a holdable fawnnux, a yo-yo, a WTFAWN keychain, and some FWNX Points. Please contact Darmin Blurkflerg directly to pre-order, but keep in mind this is clearly an April Fools Day joke so do not take this seriously.


Thanks for reading!

-Fawns Team

Posted at 1:51 am on March 11, 2017 by Fawns




Hey everyone!


We’re nearing St. Patrick’s Day, so we decided to come out with a Limited EditionĀ  Fawn just for the occasion.






Every “Saintly” LE will come with the “Limeburst” eyes trait – which does have a chance at passing on to offspring. The LE Coat can NOT pass. Additionally, if you obtain the “GreenLights” antlers trait – it too has a chance at passing on to offspring.


The “GreenLights” Antlers (as seen in the above photo) are not guaranteed to show up on the LE Logs. Don’t expect to get the GreenLights antlers, as they are fairly uncommon.


You can purchase this LE via FWN Points -OR- Lindens!

5,000 FWN Points per LE

L$995 per LE


This LE will be available for purchase with FWN Points / L$ until March 25th of 2017.


NOTE: FWN Point Transferring is working at the following page:


Enjoy this LE in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!

-Fawns Team

Posted at 6:00 am on March 6, 2017 by Fawns

Hey everyone,


We posted about this in Group Notices but wanted it to be here as well for proper exposure.


For a brief period of time, every live fawn on the grid changed its Ether Status to “OFF”. And then all of the fawns shifted to “ON” a bit later. As of writing this nearly every fawn on the grid is currently set to “Ether ON”, even if you did not have them set to this earlier.


This is bad if you did not want some fawns to be consuming ether. So to resolve that issue we made sure to give every single breeder 3 days worth of Ether Reserves (based on how many Breedable Live Fawns each breeder had). You can check this balance by opening your Fawns HUD to the “ME” Tab and refreshing the Ether Reserves balance.


This gives breeders 3 full days to adjust some/all of their fawns to Ether Status “OFF”.


We are sorry for this inconvenience and hope that everyone enjoys the free ether we passed out to each and every one of our breeders with Breedable Live Fawns.


-Fawns Team

Posted at 7:05 pm on March 5, 2017 by Fawns

If you want access to the Developer’s API, which is useful for scripters to make custom fawns-related items, submit a support ticket with API ACCESS as the subject.


Again, just put “API ACCESS” as the subject of the support ticket, and we will respond back with a notecard in Second Life.


Please only request API access if you actually are a scripter or have one hired to work on your projects. We create these accounts manually so it takes a bit of time. :)


What does our API do? It allows you to ping a URL and get back details of a fawn ID.


If you already have Fennux API access, please let us know – so we can look up that account first. Thanks!


-Fawns Team

Posted at 12:28 am on March 2, 2017 by Fawns

Just letting people know that we just took the vendors down at around midnight on the 2nd of March. (As we said we’d have the LE available until the 1st.)


We will most likely have more LEs available for FWN Points / L$, so start saving up now. ;)


Thanks everyone!

-Fawns Team

Posted at 11:54 am on February 20, 2017 by Fawns




Fawns Breedables is at the MadPea International Food Fair – and we’ve got something unique during the event.


The “Blue Trippy Home” (which is a reskin of the “Fawns Mushrooms Home”) will be available throughout the event, and possibly after – but for now it’s ONLY available at the Food Fair.


Cost is L$295 and 50% of that goes directly to the Feed a Smile Charity. You can learn more about Feed a Smile here:


It’s for a good cause, and don’t just check out what Fawns has to offer – there are plenty of top designers participating in this event as well. 50% of every donation goes to Feed a Smile – so get at it! :)


(Note: It may be laggy, as most events are, especially if a lot of Fawns folks show up. Just wait it out and be as patient as possible. Normally when we release new things we make it available at 3+ sims at once, but this is not the case here. We apologize in advance but there’s not much we can do about this – as during the event the item must remain Exclusive. Thanks!)




Thanks folks!

-Fawns Team

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