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Fawns Creators

Our company is comprised of many talented individuals. Each of our 3 core staff members have been creating in SL for ~8 Years on average. Take a look below at our profiles to get a better overview of the Fawns Creators...

Daemon Blackflag Co-Owner & Scapegoat
Daemon Blackflag
He takes care of a lot of the brainstorming and design of the product. He also interacts with all aspects of the Fawns Team; making sure that everyone is on the same page, deadlines are being met and that Fawns are always headed in the right direction. He's also the person you will most likely blame any time something goes wrong - but he'll do everything in his power to make sure you are happy!
Dashing Riddler Co-Owner & Lead Developer
Dashing Riddler
Dash has been scripting on Second Life for years, and he's been involved with web coding and database management for even longer. Fawns are coded to be one of the most advanced breedables to hit the grid. We're talking seamless updates, smooth animations, high interactivity, low lag, etc. All of this is thanks to the near flawless coding made possible by Dashing Riddler.
Katharine Mcginnis Lead Content Creator
Katharine McGinnis
Our lead content creator has been making stuff in SL for quite some time. She makes every single texture from scratch, ensuring that Fawns always releases quality content. Katharine is also one of the people behind The Arcade Gacha, sole owner of Intrigue Co. and a few other successful ventures. With Katharine handling the majority of our texturing and 3D content creation, you can rest assured that Fawns will always be lookin' good.

Mesh and Sculpts
Rachel Breaker
Rachel created the initial "Fawns Creature" sculpts/mesh, as well as the "Unbirthed Fawns Log", the "Fawns Home", and the "Fawns Race Track". Rachel is one of the most talented people we know and we highly recommend you check out their in-world store here: Off The Wall.

CSR Team

lola Airy

Marhi Snoodle

Pearl Vollmar

Suzy Martinek

kittie Renfold

Martika Mint

Fawns Team is also directly affiliated with Fennux Breedable.

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