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Fawncyclopedia - Coats

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Generation 1

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The one that started it all. The Fawny coat is the heart of the fawns breedable. After we took one look at this coat we knew the rest would be just as great. This coat resembles a baby deer with little white spots that aid in camouflage. Multiple shades of brown with an off white undercoat.

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Insignis has a lovely cyan undercoat with cyan markings all over. It's basecoat features various shades of grey, and its tail has a little bit of blue fluff to boot. One of the most sought after fawns in the Generation 1 Fawns Packs.

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Named for its deep chocolate coloration, with hints of lighter browns, the Mousse coat is quite the looker. The face and neck feature lighter shades that blend well into its chocolatey goodness. Oh, and it also looks like a moose.

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Anty's pattern is well suited for camouflage on the plains. From certain perspectives the Anty just looks like some rocks and trees casting shadows. These coats look great with a certain set of antlers...

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Silvy takes inspiration from chinchillas. Their beautiful silver base coats and their offwhite undercoats look awesome. Notice how their inner ears are pink which is the only bit of color these coats exhibit.

Limited Edition

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This is probably Daemon's favorite LE. It's the Egypt coat showcasing a bright yellow undercoat with little yellow markings on its face and legs. Black is back with this lovely looking LE. Its Furnace eyes are passable when breeding.

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The Crimson is a very red coat with white stripes. A white underbelly and white inner ears accent the brilliant red fluffy color. This coat also has Vengeance eyes which fade from silver to red. The eyes are of course passable when breeding.

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This coat is one of our most vibrant yet. Pink and Cyan and Purple, it's lovely to look at. It also showcases Gensa eyes which can pass onto other coats.

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This coat is given to all of the Pre-Order customers. One per customer so it's quite unique. If you were fortunate enough to get in on the pre-orders - you will have receieved this at the time of picking up your Fawns Pre-Order Pack. You only get one of these so try and cherish it. It also has Goldspeck eyes which are passable when breeding.


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The NPC is to be used with Dueling Arenas and Racing Tracks. You can use this for solo gameplay. If you run a market, you can rez out an NPC on a Race Track and then anyone can come and use the track solo. Same with the Dueling Arena. This NPC is white with black segments on its tail, inner ears, antlers (if it has them) and hooves. It also has NPC eyes in Red, Green or Blue which are of course not passable as the NPC does not breed.

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