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New Antlers Rumor

Posted at 12:07 pm on May 9, 2019 by Fawns




Word on the street is that there are new antlers showing up from breeding!


I’m here to give some tips regarding how you might be able to get these antlers to show up on your own fawns…


1.) The mom and dad you pair together both require Antelope antlers.

2.) There should be at least SOME type of antlers on the PARENTS of the mom AND dad as well!

3.) The mom and dad cannot be starters, they need to be a few generations away from starters!

4.) At LEAST have antlers and ears OR antlers and tails on the mom/dad you pair together!


…and that’s about all i can tell you for now, there are other things that can help increase your odds (cough ether cough) but other than that you’re on your own! Good luck folks. :)


Also, Daemon is actively working on making sure The Fawns have continuous content from here on out. Spread the word that this breedable is getting back on track! Keep your eyes on our news page to see when more sightings pop up…


-Fawns Team

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