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Donations Update

Posted at 7:59 pm on April 30, 2019 by Fawns





This post is here for transparency due to the fact we are handling funds meant for donation.


We just cashed out the L$ received from selling the 100% Donation Items (Running Pets and Holdables) that are on the SL Marketplace. We then sent the PayPal donation to Charity Water. In total, the Fawns Community has helped raise just over $3,000 ($436 this time, $2,562 last time, and $190 trickled in as well)! 100% of that money goes directly to helping give people access to clean water, minus the minor fees SL’s Lindex takes – but we always sell at the best rate possible to enhance the donation amount!


We just wanted to say thank you again for donating by purchasing our pets and holdables. We may have more opportunities in the future! Some rough math shows that we’re helping provide over 100 people with access to clean water. :)


Thank you.

-Fawns Team

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