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Contra and Luna LEs

Posted at 5:09 pm on May 17, 2017 by Fawns




Hey everyone!


Two different LE’s (Contra & Luna) are available this time around, with two different eye possibilities and two different antler chances. I should say 3 antler chances but the “VenomLights” are Extremely Rare by comparison, so please don’t expect to see these show up – but if they do? Congratulations!!






Each Log has a random chance (50/50) of being the Contra (Darker One) or Luna (Lighter One) Coat.


Every LE will come with either the “Nebular” or “Stellar” eyes trait – which will have a chance at passing on to offspring. The LE Coat can NOT pass. Additionally, if you obtain either the “PurpleLights” or “WhiteLights” antlers traits – they too have a chance at passing on to offspring.


The “PurpleLights” and “WhiteLights” Antlers are not guaranteed to show up on the LE Logs. Don’t expect to easily get antlers, as they are fairly uncommon.


The “VenomLights” Antlers are Extremely Rare, so please do not expect to obtain these either. If you thought the regular LE Antlers were hard to get, these are way harder to obtain!


There’s a rumor going around that since VenomLights are Purple and Green that maybe PurpleLights bred with GreenLights has an extremely rare chance at producing VenomLights as well… hmm, I wonder if there is any truth to this rumor?… ;)


You can purchase the Random LE Log via FWN Points -OR- Lindens!

5,000 FWN Points per LE

L$995 per LE


This Random LE Log will be available for purchase with FWN Points / L$ until May 31st of 2017.


NOTE: FWN Point Transferring is working at the following page:



-Fawns Team

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