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Congrats Bug Finders

Posted at 10:53 pm on November 19, 2016 by Fawns

We just gave away 55x 4-Fawns Pre-Order Packs to testers who found some of the top bugs in beta.


Not everyone who submitted bugs is getting a pack, as many bugs reported were duplicates, but we did our best to ensure anyone submitting something unique first received a pack. Congrats to everyone and thanks for helping!


If you see your name on this list, the pack has already been added to your account and you can pick it up during pre-launch pickups. :)


Chasity Dawes
Jason Forhilde
Ellowyn Diabolito
Kazeko Tachikawa
WeylynFoxdale Resident
Lillie Button
midoriprincess Resident
Tarnuk Xaris
Insaneone Lemondrop
BloodRope Resident
LostTreasure Resident
Marduuk Usbourne
MatthiasLeon78 Resident
TaiKnight Resident
opivybry Resident
Kataxenna Resident
Catandaguin Resident
gambitsembrace Resident
Djana74 Resident
Gregory Chatterbox
Nova Zero
Dragonfire Zhao
Yewman54 Resident
Summerstorm Jewell
Thundercl0ud Resident
Darius Wilberg
TiaSparkle Resident
ptuskadareo Resident
VioletJean Resident
Noctorne Nagy
Monihuck35 Resident
MasterJohn Bigbear
Durandir Darwin
sh200x Resident
Sholeh Nyn
LeoMcLaughlin323232 Resident
Easten West
Kylara Woodruff
Rosa Darkbyrd
Jezz Morpork
Zeo Xia
Krystal333 Resident
Saphire Zenovka
SudisticMemories Resident
SedatedMadness Resident
Alice Mavinelli
Aislynn Foxdale
NikiiWhitefalcon Resident
Khreme Resident
Eirumi Resident
lDomin8l Resident
Geo Ravinelli
Kressarah Roxley
Tobiath Tendaze
Melangel Thespian


Thanks for reading,

-Fawns Team

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