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SL Increasing Prim Limits

Posted at 12:14 am on November 4, 2016 by Fawns

We’ve got some good news for Breeders and anyone currently or planning on running a Breedable Market.


If you have not heard already, Second Life is increasing the prim limitations on Mainland Sims, Private Islands, Homesteads and Openspaces – starting as early as November 3rd for Mainland, and over the coming months they plan to start rolling out to Private Islands / Homesteads / Openspaces.


It looks like Mainland is getting an increase from 15,000 prims per region to 22,500 prims per region. (1.5x increase)


Private Islands are going from 15,000 prims to 20,000 prims, so not quite as much but still a huge increase! (1.333x increase)


Homesteads are going from 3,750 to 5,000, and Openspaces are going from 750 to 1,000. (both 1.333x increase)


It may appear that private regions are not getting anywhere near the amount of love as mainland plots, but hold on – they also announced some interesting news in their video stating that for an additional $30/mo (plus one time $30 fee) you can take your private island from 20k up to 30k prims! Don’t quote me on it, go watch the video yourself in case I misheard, but this is great news for breedable markets.


Link to the original post and video here:



Thanks for reading,

Fawns Team

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