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Sponsors Program

Posted at 9:48 am on February 28, 2015 by Fawns

Hey everyone,


We are doing things a little bit differently this time around. We’re not having an official “Sponsors Program”.


We have 5 banner images on the bottom of our website that are dedicated to advertising Fawns-related Markets and Auction Houses in-world on Second Life. Our code randomly selects 5 banners to display each time the page is loaded, giving a chance at advertising the locations.


We will gladly post any market/auction house banner on our website so long as the location it links to is semi-dedicated to Fawns Breedables. If you run a Fawns Market and/or Fawns Auction House, we will gladly throw a banner and link to your location on the bottom of our website.


Unless we’re talking about Fennux (we’re biased), if we find your location favors another breedable far too greatly, we probably won’t advertise for you, (let alone the other breedable). This is free advertising after all. :) If you run a multi-breedable market that tries to be as equal as possible, we’re fine with that, so don’t be afraid to inquire!


Anyway, if you own an Auction House or Market that is semi-dedicated to Fawns, submit a support ticket with your logo or banner, a SLURL location, and brief explanation of your place – and we’ll see what we can do.

(If we don’t have the support ticket system hooked up yet, throw Daemon Blackflag a Notecard with the above information and send a Full Perm logo/banner.)


Thanks for reading!


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