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No More Pre-Orders!

Posted at 11:28 pm on August 19, 2016 by Fawns

Hey Folks!


We gave a full 24 hours extra for people to get in last minute pre-orders (in addition to our 7 days “one week notice” we sent out last week), plus we sent out a little notice and news post a couple of days ago to make sure people got plenty of time to get in their pre-orders.


All of the Fawns Pre-Order Affiliate Vendors will disappear in-world within the next few hours. In theory any order made now until then will still work fine, but we’re considering pre-ordering over since the delete sequence has officially begun.


We are still hard at work on what we call “Beta Phase 2″, which will be made available to all of the pre-order customers. We still have “Beta Phase 1″ available to anyone who has pre-ordered, so feel free to continue using those fawns up until we’re ready for the next beta phase.


We’re heavily monitoring the servers to make sure everything is going smoothly, and so far it’s all been perfect.


Thank you for your continued beta participation, it helps us all out. :)


-Fawns Team

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