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Fawns Beta Progress

Posted at 10:04 am on August 14, 2016 by Fawns

Hey Folks!


Giving you all a quick update about what is going on around here behind the scenes.


So we’ve received over 500 Bug Reports, many of them duplicates of the same bugs, but we’ve narrowed the bugs down to around 95 or so. These 95 Bugs are not completely unique, but it makes it much easier for our scripting team to analyze than 500, haha.


Our goal at this point is to fix what we believe are the major causes of those bugs, once we fix the major root problems it usually fixes dozens of minor extension problems, effectively neutralizing the bugs.


Once we are able to rid of all of the major issues we will be putting together a “Beta Phase 2″ product for everyone who wants to continue testing to try out. This version SHOULD have a lot of the problems fully resolved, but it’s possible we create new problems, which is why we want more people to keep testing.


This is a messy experience, so if at any time you want to stop testing – just stop! Delete your fawns in-world and let others handle the chaos. :)


Thanks for reading, keep on testing if you’re up for it. We do not want any bug reports right now since we’re swamped with what we are currently working on, but write down anything you feel is a major bug for when Beta Phase 2 starts (no ETA yet, we’re still working on it!)


See you in-world!

-Fawns Team

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