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Fawns Status (June 22)

Posted at 4:26 pm on June 22, 2016 by Fawns




Hey folks!


Dash and I have been working diligently on connecting the My Account Web Features to the Fawns Database. We hit a road block, so to speak, but we have finally managed to plow right through it.


For inquiring minds, one of the pages that shows every single one of your logs (once you are signed in to the website) was not working properly. It uses many coding languages mixed together to operate, making it difficult to pinpoint what was going on to cause the issue. We even tried comparing broken code to known working code, and it was turning up identical in most instances.


Long story short? We were going a tad bit crazy trying to figure out what was going on, but we did! So we’re moving right along as usual.


I know it’s already the 22nd of June, we’re definitely running on the late end of things, but please bear with us as we take the needed time to finalize the beta so that you all can get right into it. We’ve done our best to manage our time wisely, but a breedable project needs a lot of attention to ensure its success. Even the slightest issue can have an enormous effect on the community, so we’ve been extra careful. (This is not our first rodeo.)


Talk soon!


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