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Fawns Beta 3

We're just trying to be sure that no major bugs still remain with this version.

What to look out for in this Beta Testing Experience:
1) Can you join a guild and invite people to it? Maybe try kicking people out and inviting them back in.

2) Can you use the redelivery portal to rez fawns that are on the ground already making duplicates? Or do the fawns Clone after clicking on them?

3) If you set your fawns home to 3m or any other range (doesn't matter) do they go far away from their range?

4) Do you see any Females with antlers, or Males with no antlers that SHOULD have them?

5) DON'T use ether, and birth as many fawns as you can... do any of them get sick? Report sick fawns to daemon (it's not a bug, but we want to see sick fawns!)

6) Racetrack doing weird stuff? Dueling Arena doing weird stuff?

Note: Please don't do everything as fast as you possibly can. SL has limitations, lol.

Note: Unpack your 20 Fawns Packs ONE AT A TIME. Else you WILL have to re-rez some of the items to get them working properly.

Note: Trouble with the Verify Account button? Ensure you are not adding an extra space at the beginning/end of the copied password!

Look for other issues, but we're only really looking for major issues at this point. Little things that don't effect the functionality of fawns or effect the secondary market (allowing people to cheat/exploit to get an unfair advantage) are definitely minor issues that we can deal with in the future via updates.



Last Resort? Open up the "MAP" on Second Life, and type in the Sim Name and Three Coordinates Manually:

It's Beta Time... for the last time? ;)
All Fawns Pre-Order customers are now eligible to pick up their Fawns Beta 3 Packs!
Head on over to one of the pickup locations, click the big sign, then accept the inventory offer.

All you need to do is rez the box on your land, right-click the box, open, copy to inventory... and then inside your inventory should be a folder with all of the beta items unpacked. Do not "open and copy-to-inventory" ANY other object within Fawns, it will surely break it.

Getting Started Guide:
Please visit our Getting Started with Beta Guide to learn everything you need to know about starting to breed Fawns!

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